Real Time Tracking

Real Time Tracking plays a significant role in Hospitals today.

The Tag is a waterproof real-time locating tag based on Bluetooth® Low Energy technology with two highlighted buttons and a LED.
It has been designed for securing the safety of healthcare personnel and optimising their workflow in hospitals, care homes and homecare environments as a part of the real-time Integrated Positioning and Communication System.

Tags for lone worker’s safety and enables workflow optimization. The manual reporting time is reduced significantly due to the automatic recording of events and routes. In companion mode supports active elderly people and recovering patients a secure living in their familiar home environment.

• Asset Tag for tracking, monitoring and reserving valuable assets.
• Infant Protection.
• Valuable items equipped with the Asset Tag can be accurately tracked as well as noticed if they are being used without permission.
• Built on Bluetooth Low Energy.
• Battery lifetime up to 10 years with CR123A