Kube Audio Clock ll – Premium in-room charger-20% summer promotion

The Kube Audio Clock ll is a high-end alarm clock with bluetooth speaker, multi-function LCD display, that powers all mobile electronics, with wireless chrarging including smartphones, tablets, cameras, and wearable technologies.

• Charging cables built-in Lightning cable for iPhone, USB C and Micro USB for all kinds of Android and Apple phones
• Upgradeable cables when required
• Wireless charging powered by Qi technology double coiled for faster charging,
• Dual USB ports (USB 2.4),
• Possibility of up to 6 devices charging simultaneously at the same speed,
• Auto-dimming and turning off display at night,
• Bluetooth with the down-facing speaker for superior sound quality,
• Single-day alarm goes off only once until programmed the next day
• Room controller for custom adjustment of features (such as volume, time, light dimming, etc),
• Security cables available as optional

The illumination of the Kube Essentials clock face can be set to turn off completely at night via the dimming button. Then, as morning comes, an ambient light sensor on the side resumes the LED clock face to a fully-on setting.