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KUBE AUDIO CLOCK – The Perfect Bedside Companion!



* Intuitive Alarm clock
* Bluetooth music streaming
* Apple® lightning flip out cable
* USB-C cable
* Micro USB flip out cable
* Dual high-speed USB ports
* Qi wireless charging

Designed specifically for the hotel industry, Kube Clock™ is a premium universal charging system with built-in cables for all mobile devices.

** Hardware is fully upgradable.
** Available Hotel Room Controller for custom adjustment of features.
** Security cables available.


Room Programmer – For Kube Audio Clock

1) Bluetooth Name can be edited. Hence each room can have their specific room number saved as their Bluetooth name so that there is no misconnection when the guests try to connect.
2) Volume of the Speaker can be set to the desired audible limit.
3) Time can be set and locked so that the guest cannot change the time.
4) Brightness of the Clock could be set as desired. Could be dimmed down to zero in night mode.
5) Various Alarm Tone settings available as options.

Power Bank Charger Combo – Charge Anywhere!

Premium Multi Device Charging Station!

Great for Lobbies, Meeting Spaces & Poolside!

* 6 Interchangeable battery packs
* Cable storage
* Magnetic charging
* Fully customizable branding
* Compact size and lightweight
* Ideal for Hotels, restaurants, cafes, public libraries, hospitals, banks, spa/saloon, gym, lounges, etc

Power bank Charger ComboPower bank Charger Combo-5

VTech Hotel Phones

A roomy palette of contemporary, classic, Analog and SIP phones designed just for hotels.

* Design & Innovation
* Upgrading the Guest Experience
* Engineered to Endure
* Analog Corded & Cordless Phones
* SIP Corded & Cordless Phones

** Battery Back up technology keeps guests connected even when the power’s out.
** USB Ports provide easy access for guests to charge smartphones.
** Petite Phone models make the most of tight spaces with compact footprints.
** Customizable faceplates and programmable guest service keys promote hotel services and amenities.