People Counting

People counting solution informs every time about number of visitors to the Shopping centres and retail. This information about the flow of people is essential in order to make decisions about marketing, staff management, layout of products. This system allows knowing real time the capacity of places of entertainment and nightspots. This solution is more and more demanded by the strict security standards that ask for a more automated and reliable people counting solutions.

The PYRO-Zoom has revolutionized the counting process! A ready-to-use devise that will allow you to monitor pedestrian traffic on pedestrian streets, plazas, sidewalks and, trails, and other areas. Installation is simple, fast, and convenient. The PYRO sensor uses a combination of passive infrared pyro electric technology and a high precision lens to detect a change in the detected temperature when a person passes in the range of the sensor. Thanks to its extremely high sensitivity, the sensor can detect two different people with only a small gap between them. The sensor is self-calibrating for simple installation. It can also detect pedestrian and / or cyclist for uploading and sharing the data obtained from the logger for displaying motorists.